On April fools day, I turned 24 (work/studying has been a little hard-going recently, hence the 17 day late post!) It was about time I got away, and so I decided to celebrate my birthday weekend in the big smoke – and it certainly was one of the best ones I’ve had to date! After enjoying […]


After a very action-packed 10 days of travelling around Cuba, it was time to relax on the beach! The Caribbean is well known for its perfect beaches, crystal clear waters and magnificent coral reefs, it is no surprise that it is such popular tourist destination! After Jack did some research, he discovered Curaçao to be one of the […]


VIÑALES We arrived in Viñales at midday (peak temperature time!), thankfully Viñales’ cooling mountain breeze prevents the usual  sticky equatorial humidity which leaves you exhausted and sweaty within 5 minutes of being outside! We walked along the main street for 20 minutes chapping on the doors of various Casas Particulares until we found the perfect one – and […]


T O R O N T O In June, Jack and I booked a very last minute adventure to North America and the Caribbean (3 days before we flew… kind of last minute!) In 20 days, we managed to visit 5 countries (Canada, Cuba, Panama, Curacao and the USA – more posts to follow) and travelled a total of 99 hours! […]