About my blog

Hi, hello, namaste and welcome to my travel, fashion and lifestyle blog – The Monkey Diary!

So Why The Monkey Diary? – Since I was kid, everyone has referred to me as the ‘cheeky little monkey’ and even at the age of 23, my loved ones are still referring to my mannerisms as monkey-like (i’m social, curious and have insanely long arms), we do share 96% of our DNA with monkeys….these reasons along with my love for them is how The Monkey Diary was born!

Travel – Throughout university, I worked and saved all my pennies so that during my summers I could explore other exciting parts of the world! When loved ones ask me about the places I have been lucky enough to visit and the delights I have seen- I’m always telling them my tales and sharing my travel tips (I find myself composing lots of lengthy emails!) so why not share them with you all at the one time! I hope this blog also serves as travel advice and inspiration blog for people who want to visit the destinations I have been lucky enough visit!

Fashion – Fashion and style are two things I’ve always had a big love for – I don’t necessarily adhere or follow fashion trends but I do take notice of occasional ones which inspire my personality and style! I couldn’t agree more with Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” I love clashing patterns, wearing lots of colour, covering my face in bindis and glitter as well as taming it down when I need to…hmmm work! I’ll share my favourite fashion findings, bargains and my eclectic style inspirations!

Lifestyle – Eating healthy and keeping fit are two big priorities for me, I aim to work out 3 times a week and my love for fruit and veg makes staying in shape a little easier- I definitely go by the eat good, feel good ethos! I’ll share my favourite recipes and workouts!


Happy scrolling! xo