On April fools day, I turned 24 (work/studying has been a little hard-going recently, hence the 17 day late post!) It was about time I got away, and so I decided to celebrate my birthday weekend in the big smoke – and it certainly was one of the best ones I’ve had to date!

After enjoying a fair few G&Ts on my train down to London, I met my cousin, Anjali who treated me to an early birthday dinner at Kimchee, High Holborn (what a darling!) We chit-chatted, sipped on mojitos and devoured some delicious Korean food.

I ditched my suitcase and freshened up whilst admiring this view, from Jack’s bedroom window…oh London, I do love you.

Got my lippy on, I’m ready for more G&Ts!
Miss Selfridge Headgear | Zara Necklace (Chanel inspired) | Topshop Jumper | Topshop Fur Gillet (similiar) | Topshop Feather Coat | Topshop Jeans | Clarks Shoes

We had a cocktail in one of Jack’s locals – East London Liquor Company (ELLC), a rustic and industrial-esque bar, with its own gin and whiskey distillery (it was pretty cool!) Set in Bow Wharf, ELLC has an extensive range, of home brewed London Gin, a bottle shop and a great wee cocktail list! I told the bartender my alcohol of choice; he rustled me up a divine lychee, heather, citrus, earl grey and elderflower cocktail, and Jack had a vodka and mezcal cocktail from the menu!

We walked down to South Hackney, popped into a few more bars, listened to a live jazz band, saw off some more G&Ts before heading back to the falt for an early-ish night!

Friday, 1st April 2016

Jack woke me up to the  Bollywood version of ‘Happy Birthday’, there were balloons everywhere and he made me, my favourite breakfast (avocado toast, cress, sun dried tomatoes, fresh lemon & pesto) and birthday cake all in one! Eeeeee…it must be my birthday!!!

I was told that the entire weekend was full of surprises, so I just had to go with the flow (and trust Jack!) But first a few outfit snaps of me in my slightly more conservative, birthday suit!


The amount of steps you do in London!!! If there was one thing I was packing in my suitcase, it was a comfortable (but trendy) pair of shoes,  thanks Clarks! Growing up my mum always advised I buy my school shoes from Clarks, but I never wanted to because they weren’t “cool”. The last two pairs of shoes I have bought have been from Clarks…mother’s are ALWAYS right, they’re comfy and ‘cool’?!
Topshop Dunagrees | Zara Top (similiar) | Topshop Necklace (similiar) | Clarks Shoes
The first surprise

My first surprise was waiting for me …a rowing boat around Victoria park and there was champagne too (d’awwww!) You did good!

Rowing our wee boat in Victoria Park (home to lovebox and field day)



Then, we got on a tube towards central London, walked past a couple of famous landmarks…

St. Pauls Cathedral

Millenium bridge.
Zara jacket |Zara scarf | Tassel bag (similiar)

and arrived at my next surprise…

The second surprise

The Tate Modern! We spent a few hours at the exhibitions, admiring some beautiful and interesting Modern Art pieces, Cruzvillegas’s was the first…

“Abraham Cruzvillegas’s empty Lot, is a collection of soil from parks across London including Peckham, Haringey and Westminster displayed in wooden planters. Throughout the six-month display, Cruzvillegas’s display will allow watchers to observe the unpredictable nature of the work, which may grow and change from one week to the next. Ultimately begging the question about the city and nature, as well as wider ideas of chance, change, and hope.”

One skinny latte, a macchiato and this fabulous view will do nicely!

Then, we walked along to Borough market…

…and tucked into these delights at The Whiskey Ginger. I’d highly recommend this place, the burgers were outstanding and the staff were lovely. It was then onto, the third and final surprise of the day…
The third surprise
He took me to the top of the Shard!! We spent a couple of hours here falling in love with London’s panoramic views.  We watched London change from day to night and what a mesmerising skyline it was! If you plan on going up, don’t forget to use the toilets…the rest can be a surprise (since we are going with that theme!)

The next day, was also a day filled of unknowns – I had no idea where we were going, what we were doing or what to wear…comfy shoes was all I was told!

So I did..comfy shoes and a cosy jacket!
So I did..comfy shoes and a cosy jacket!

We took the tube to London Bridge, wandered along the Thames and soaked it all in!

The London Eye
A quirky bar near London Bridge
We walked along Leake street aka Graffiti Tunnel in Lambeth North. Bansky created this tunnel in 2002 during Cans Festival. I watched families, young kids and friends create their own graffiti masterpieces on the walls – it was pretty cool!
Those of you that saw my first ever blog post will know that, Cuba has a special place in my heart. So when I walked past this Cuban bar, I had to click away…turned out that, this is where Jack and his cousin were taking me, it felt good to be back…just with a few extra layers on!
A frozen lime daiquiri, a strawberry mojito and a lemon margarita!
We walked along the road and had some delicious Turkish food
Pimms, beer, coffee and hot chocolate resting on an old Singer sewing table in a quirky cafe in Lambeth North.
Later that evening, Jack and I went to a few more bars, and this was my favourite – Friendly society, a brilliant underground gay bar in Soho, with very original decor and a fantastic atmosphere!

Bye bye, London!

We spent my last morning in London, walking around Victoria park, along Regent’s canal and finished the afternoon with London’s famous Crown roast: Ribeye of beef, pork loin and roast chicken!


Ahh what a great way to end the perfect birthday weekend -The Crown Roast, from Jack’s local, The Crown.
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