Hello! I’m finally checking back in again after months! When I decided to start this blog, I didn’t realise how much time and work it required! Holding down a full time job and studying in the evenings for my big exam in July, makes this blogging thing a little difficult sometimes, forgive me, I’m sorry! I know its months overdue (so much so, I should be planning my next adventure instead of dwelling on my last one!). Anyway, the final leg of our Caribbean adventure…MIAMI!

After 2 weeks of backpacking around Cuba and Curaçao, we flew to Miami for a few days to finish off our adventure, and what a contrast it was! We went from the simple 1950’s Cuban life and deserted beach life in Curaçao to an extravagant and tourist rich atmosphere in Miami! We booked our Miami flights and hotel whilst in Curaçao  (yup, we actually did something in advance this time..well kind of, 12 hours in advance!) We stayed in South Beach, it was pretty glamorous – every car that drove past was lavish and all the houses matched that description too. We hired a car, so after spending a couple of hours exploring once place, we jumped in the car and began exploring the next!

Jack also managed to get the last space for a shark dive in Jupiter, so he drove for 3 hours to free dive with dozens of hungry sharks (bull, sandybar and silky sharks) and I went to Sawgrass outlet mall by bus (arranged by our hotel, the Albion). Whilst I was having relaxing day, buying goodies from Nike and Victoria secret…Jack had an interesting/terrifying experience, being sea sick and expelling the contents of his stomach into the mouths of  hungry sharks, as they dived out of the water right beside the boat as they thought  Jack’s vomit was their lunch!


We spent our first morning in South Beach area, walking around soaking up the Miami buzz, took a walk down Lincoln Rd Mall and Miami beach before spending our evening, admiring the Miami sunset. On our final day, we managed to squeeze in a couple hours of relaxing pool time in Fontainebleau before ending our night/holiday at the Wynwood Arts Festival.

Shortly after we arrived, we took a stroll down Miami Beach. Playsuit: Urban Outfitters and necklace: ZARA.

There is always time for some Vinyasa yoga!

After a successful shopping trip to Steven Madden, we caught a few hours in the sun. Bikini top: H&M and bottoms: ASOS

Crop top: Rat & boa, shorts: Topshop, Bag: Siem Raep Night Market, Cambodia, Sandals: Birkenstocks

Mondrian sunset lounge: We watched the sun set above the Miami sky line. We also watched a local rapper make a music video, it was an interesting evening…


Swimsuit, kimono and sandals: ASOS.
Miami Ink. We saw Yogi!
We shared a cob salad, extra spicy Louisiana chicken wings and fajitas in The Big Pink Diner, South Beach

As we drove out of South Beach, we saw the Miami we wanted to see – culture, art, regular cars, regular people and an iHOP (my personal favourite!) The contrast was quite dramatic. One thing I struggled to digest in South Beach was, amongst the glitz and glamour of its lavish houses, hotels and cars was a lot of poverty.



Wynwood is an Art District in Miami, filled with galleries, museums, boutiques, incredible art all over the street walls and lots of quirky restaurants, bars and cafés.

One of the locals told us about his favourite Mexican restaurant, Coyo taco. Once the sun was set, we drove to Coyo Taco to find out what he was raving about. We arrived to a queue of people out the door (this had to be a good sign), we were handed a menu in the queue – an extensive range of tacos, Mexican rice dishes, salads, beans, corn, we were a little overwhelmed – every single thing on the menu made our mouths water. We shared a selection of tacos, green rice, some spicy corn, some margaritas (from the margarita tap!!) and we helped ourselves to the extensive range of sauces and jalapeños. Jack was the designated driver…so I ended up having most of his margarita too! Inspired by the speak easy’s, at the back of the restaurant next to the toilets was a secret door that lead to a nightclub.

Coyo Taco
Some of Wynwood’s wall art just opposite Coyo Taco.


After fuelling up on pancakes (children’s portion), hash browns and iced tea/coffee in iHop, we returned to Wynwood the following day. We parked the car and walked around visiting the galleries, boutiques and food trucks. In the evening, we drank beer, admired the artwork, listened to music and ate more food from Wynwood Arts Festival food trucks!


Wynwood’s wall art and food trucks.






We had a lot of fun driving this beauty around Miami!


I devoured a fresh lemonade and gyros during our day trip to the festival! Cover-up: Miss Selfridge, flip flops: Havaiana and bag: Siem Raep Night Market, Cambodia


Jack and I at Wynwood Arts Festival.


Jack and I hired this beauty to drive around Miami in! One downfall about Miami is the price of parking, it’s extortionate! Parking prices in South Beach range from $15-40 a day! Valet parking in Fontainebleau: $40-100!


Thanks for joining me on my journey across the Caribbean and to Miami! I’ll be back soon to blog about my 2014 Indonesian and Singaporean adventure!


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  1. Well done Divya on getting time to keep us posted. Lovely pics honey. Can’t wait to see what your travel plans for this summer Love you lots

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