A city renowned for its charm, history, nightlife and super-friendly inhabitants, it’s no surprise that I haven’t explored much of Scotland, outside my bonnie wee hometown, Glasgow! I’ve lived in Glasgow for most of my life, moved to Aberdeen for university and surprise surprise, I’m back in Glasgow starting my career as a pharmacist! As part of my mission to see as much of Scotland’s beauty before I move away (who knows where/when but it’s certainly on the cards), I’ve decided to spend my weekends, climbing as many Scottish hills as I can. To ease myself in to my new found hobby, one of my oldest and dearest friends, Lynsey and I drove to Loch Lomond and went on a wee hike up Conic Hill (361m). The hike was pretty easy, however, as we ascended up the hill, the weather went from calm to snow storm quite quickly. Other than, the -3 degree chills and snow lashing off our faces whilst caught in a snow blizzard, the walk up was great fun and the view of the Loch in between the clouds wasn’t too bad either!

I wore thermal bottoms, nike running leggings, a thermal top, a long sleeve top, a hoody, a gillet and a waterproof jacket (borrowed from my neighbour, thanks Steph!), a scarf, waterproof gloves, a hat, thermal hiking socks and hiking boots – I was prepared for anything! After we finished our climb, we had lunch in the Oak Tree Inn – we shared a couple of burgers and a sticky toffee pudding and then we finished off our day with a stroll along the Bonnie banks!








Scotland you’re a beaut! Which hill are we going to conquer next…?!

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